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40%+ Whether they can maintain their family's standard of living (daily and monthly family expenses) and health care costs.

55% U.S. Workers said they would rather receive their nest egg slowly over the course of their retired lifetime than as a lump sum.

51% Adding to the complexity within families is the fact that couples do not always agree with one another on financial matters like making investments, annuity, legacy planning, and how to best save for retirement.

62% Worry about their retirement Assets Lasting their Lifetime

So what can we do to Help?

Careful planning and wise financial thinking have allowed you to save for your retirement. Most likely, your assets have accumulated in savings and investment tools such as Certificates of Deposit (CDs), money markets, IRA's, variable annuities, and mutual funds.

But asset management, probate fees, taxes, and possible stock market losses could shrink your estate.

Re-allocating some of these assets to a Fixed Indexed Annuity or Fixed Indexed Single Premium Whole Life may provide many additional opportunities and choices for your money, such as:

  • Sophisticated indexed-linked crediting strategies for greater upside potential.
  • An Annuity for your Retirement Savings
  • Retirement Income that Cannot be Out Lived.

  • Increased estate value.

  • Control and access to your money for emergencies and opportunities through Policy Loans. Ask your adviser for Policy Loan details.

  • Living benefits to help pay for the expenses of chronic illness and long term care.

  • Establishing a Legacy Plan to transfer your values and wealth more efficiently to your heirs; avoiding probate in most cases.

The minimum Death Benefit is guaranteed from day one regardless of changes in your age or health. Also, your Death Benefit can increase over time as your Cash Value inside the Policy may increase. Death Benefits to a named beneficiary are generally probate free. Death Benefits are limited if the Insured dies by suicide within 2 years from the Policy Date. Your Policy will contain the details.

The indexed-linked interest credit in either a fixed annuity or life insurance policy will never be less than 0%.
You do not participate in any stock market risk.

Your single premium payment is guaranteed from day one. In the unlikely event you surrender your Policy; you are guaranteed to receive at least 100% of your initial premium back, less any outstanding indebtedness (Minimum Guaranteed Cash Value) and prior withdrawals.

A Fixed Indexed Single Premium Whole Life Policy provides tax-deferred interest earnings on the Cash Value Account, the compounding of interest on interest is tax deferred, and the Death Benefit is free from federal taxes in most cases.

This is only one aspect to a retirement plan and legacy planning. With all of the different annuities and other financial products available to you we can find the right program strategy for your individual retirement plan. Whether that's transferring $10,000 or $1,000,000+ we can help you conserve your principle while you enjoy all the gains providing a lifetime income for you or a legacy for your beneficiaries.

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