The Benefits of Owning a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

With all of the options you have for your senior health care coverage, it’s important to understand how each one works for you, the benefits, and your portion of the costs. Here’s a brief look at how Medicare supplement insurance differs from other types of coverage, including Medicare Advantage Plans. Low Out-of-pocket Costs To help

A Reality Check: Do You Need to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

With little track record on which to base decisions, potential purchasers need to thoroughly examine their needs, as well as the claims and provisions of competing policies.   While “live long and prosper” may be Star Trek Spock’s dictum, “live too long and face financial uncertainty” has become the long-term care insurance marketers’ slogan. Long-term

Amazing Annuities Basics 101: Fixed, Fixed Index, Immediate, and Variable Annuities

I n this world of sound bites and corporate scandals, it would be nice to get the straight story about something. So here goes. As a licensed independent life insurance agent, it chaps my hide to listen to all of the terrible things said by the security-licensed people in America about annuities. They typically only

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